Louis Vuitton – first-ever restaurant and cafe

The French fashion house will open both a cafe and restaurant in its new Osaka, Japan maison. This is the first time the brand is venturing into culinary waters. Both of the inevitable hotspots, Le Cafe V and Sugalabo V, will feature dishes from famed chef Yosuke Suga, once the protege of the 32-Michelin star-earner Joël Robuchon.

Le Cafe V will be housed on the fourth floor of the store. There’s also a cocktail bar and outdoor terrace, making it an ideal post-shopping spree spot come spring. At dinnertime, the doors to Sugalabo V will open. The concept is an offshoot of Suga’s critically acclaimed restaurant of the same name in Tokyo, which is currently ranked the 47th best restaurant in the world.