«PLAYBOY» – Tory Lanez

A project from Canadian rapper Tory Lanez – R&B Capsule “PLAYBOY” out now! Tracklist:

  1. And This Is Just the Intro
  2. Extravagant Bullshit//Nunchucks
  3. H.E.R.//Are You Dumb
  4. Distance
  5. …The Make Up
  6. Lady of Neptune
  7. Feels (Ft. Chris Brown)
  8. Deceiving Eve
  9. Y.D.L.R.
  10. The Serve (It) Anthem
  11. Shooby Doowoop//One Last Heartbreak
  12. Don’t Walk Away

“PLAYBOY” out now on all platforms

Tory Lanez:


“Emotionally, I was able to flow creatively. Some of my best creations come out when I’m vulnerable. This is me being as honest as I can be on a record. For the first time in a long time, I was writing R&B from a place of hurt and vulnerability, unlike a lot of my other R&B which is based on the pure vibe and catchy melodies. I want my listeners to walk away with an understanding of how my emotions are and I want them to understand that this is an honest depiction of how I feel about relationships and people that are close to me.”