THE CTRL + P HOME: a 3D printed Bio-Home for a post covid era

THE CTRL + P HOME, a collaboration between Oliver Thomas and Amey Kandalgaonkar! A 3D printed bio based micro home for a post covid future. Inspired by Henry Ford’s hemp car which was built and fueled by hemp, which is 10x stronger than steel and 100% Green! The CTRL + P Home is fabricated using 3D printed hemp plastics; By combining the re-emergence of an old manufacturing material ‘Hemp’ with new emerging fabrication methodologies ‘3D printing’ they can create a new way to rapidly build sustainable homes out of a 100% bio based material.

Taking advantage of unused space on the rooftops and empty plots in our cities, as well as larger open plots in remote rural landscapes. The CTRL + P home is designed as a mobile, sustainable, and affordable housing unit that creates a new layer of accessible homes for all, in our major cities and countryside.

2020 has completely changed the landscape of our cities, many people have left to take shelter in more natural surroundings, whilst others who have stayed in the city crave access to the outdoors and affordable living during difficult times. COVID has reshaped our lives drastically with the introduction of social distancing, lockdowns and limited social interaction. However our “new normal” will be temporary, it will not be here to stay in the long term. Post COVID, we still face many challenges such as a global affordable housing shortage, global warming and a need to reduce carbon emissions particularly within the AEC industry.
The pandemic has however brought with it new revelations that will help to tackle some of these issues. Our new appreciation of outdoor space, access to nature and a renewed importance for personal health and wellbeing, only stands to expedite new innovations in sustainable and ecological living. The CTRL+P Home aims to adopt some of the revelations we have learnt from our current situation, whilst also taking into account issues that we face in the near future.