«Beautiful Mistakes» – Maroon 5 ft. Megan Thee Stallion

It’s beautiful it’s bittersweet, you’re like a broken home to me,
I take a shot of memories and black out like an empty street,
I fill my days with the way you walk and fill my nights with broken dreams,
I make up lies inside my head, like one day you’ll come back to me
Now I’m not holding on, i’m just depressed that you’re gone
Beautiful mistakes i make inside my head
She’s naked in my bed and now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes i wouldn’t take em back
I’m in love with the past and now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
It’s pitiful, i can’t believe how everyday gets worse for me
I take a break, I cut you off to keep myself from looking soft
I fill my nights with the way you was and still wake up with broken dreams
I make these lies inside my head, feel like they’re my reality
You did me wrong cause I let you, usually I like my situations beneficial
Doing something different, got me looking stupid
The only way I’m coming back to you, is if you dream it, Lucid, Prove it
If you made a promise, then keep it. Why you wanna lie and then get mad, I don’t believe it
But really I was just doing fine without ya. Looking fine, sippin’ wine, dancing on club couches
Baby why you wanna lose me like you don’t need me, like I don’t block you and you still try to reach me
How you figure out how to call from me from the TV, you runnin’ out of chances and this time I mean it
Bet you miss my love, all in your bed, now ya stressin’ out, pulling your hair
Smelling your pillows and wishin I was there, sliding down to shower wall looking sad
I know its hard to let go, I’m the best, best you ever had and best you gonna get
If we break up I don’t wanna be friends, you’re toxic

“Beautiful Mistakes” featuring Megan Thee Stallion is out now