«Fr33dom» – Vic Mensa ft. Zacari

Dark has no existence without light, without light,
Day has no existence without night, without night,
And death has no existence without life, without life,
And I have no existence without love, without love
This ain’t non violence, this is that prison break, this is San Quentin
State Troopers and looters and sirens, i could die any day I got affiliates
I am not new to this drama, deep rooted in karma, no buddha my foolies
Turn you to exotic, we do not speak Urdu

We Zulu Bambatta, we shoot at the pigs, hakuna matata, we bust your head, like you a piñata
Let it blow like Hugh Masakela, you haters be all on my d*ck, like urologist
This ain’t no this ain’t no this ain’t no hoe shit, this is that Weatherman Underground
Capital burning down, this is explosive, f*ck is they talking about, we got the power now
This world is ours now, we got ambition and focus, banana clips and gorillas and soldiers
This for the vultures that pillage the culture, and you know this, man

We ain’t scared of hoelice, them niggas ain’t playing

This ain’t no kumbaya, this is that coup detat, this ain’t no woo-sah
This shit this shit is stupid hard, this is that do or die, this is that voodoo that Bruja
Toussaint Louverture, going federal, like I sold fentanyl, dope in the vein
That product that ye, the city behind me Ali Bumbaye, yeah, this is that, this is that, this is that
By any means, this is that hunger that rumble the stomach of fiends
This is the theme of the thieves, this is the reason we bleed, this poverty a disease
This why got ninas and beams, red dot on your head like a Sikh or maybe a Hindu
Don’t mean to offend you, it made me an atheist, you won’t believe what I been through
This time of unrest ain’t no need to be civil, this kind of pain feel a demon is in you
This is the evil they give to the people, it come back around, it’s the Wheel of Ezekiel
This militant realism, made me these millions save money army, we ain’t no civilians
I’m in the gauntlet, i’m Marcus Aurelius, til we get free, yeah!

You have one minute left, alright I love y’all, man everybody, Troy I love you like a sister tho

Thank you for using securus, goodbye, all that I want, spread my wings and soar like an eagle
That to me is freedom, freedom, freedom, i can feel freedom, yeah it’s freedom, like an eagle

Stream “Fr33dom” on The “I TAPE” EP

Vic Mensa releases EP “I Tape”, following “V Tape” (2020). The new EP addresses the injustices that Vic has long addressed in his work, both as an individual and through initiatives of his nonprofit organization SAVEMONEYSAVELIFE.

Vic Mensa:

“Cheers to the I TAPE available everywhere now. 🍷 What matters most to me is that this music mean something real to you, that it play a part in your life, in love and war, in sickness and in health. I gotta say peace to everyone that has come together to make the music, the art, the release, and most of all to you, the people who live with it. Go stream the project & talk to me about it in the comments, I promise I’ll talk back 🗣”

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