«EPMD» – Nas & Hit-Boy / «Judas and the Black Messiah»

E.P.M.D., we back in business, i visualize what it is not what it isn’t.
We at the mafia table, next to the kitchen, eatin’ Michelin Star, countin’ a million.
Look, hood theories, Arnold Rothstein rigged the World Series
Gotti ran every union in the city, N-A-S do it B-I-G like Biggie, leadin’ like Huey Newton did
Nigga, that’s how official the revolution is, Feds holdin’ cameras up and they zoomin’ in
Don’t be surprised when niggas show you they true intent, ruthless, they’ll tie up your wife and kids
While you talkin’ on Clubhouse, the guns out, this ain’t a audio chat, boy, this audio crack
Social media platforms, they rattin’ on, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon
Some say it’s Babylon, took the property over, since Hampton gone
Who said we couldn’t get cash this long, last this long, platinum cards with our ratchets on
Laid back, ox blood seats with the hazards on
Murcielago mob flow, ’20 Chevy Tahoe’s, And I’m sittin’ low, I am not hidin’ though
Condos in different time zones, way before y’all was double cuppin’ the Styrofoam
Come on thug, had to lay it down in lamest terms, yeah
Want me to turn up a notch? Just say the word, yeah, hit told me to chill, just lay the verse
You know my thoughts get crazy, thinkin’ ’bout shit from the ’80s
Buckin’ like Tom Brady, ballin’ like Kyrie and KD, Will had the medallion, emblem of a Mercedes
Way before Mike Amiri when all the Nike’s was Penny’s, killin’ niggas for sneakers, had to skate through the envy
Supreme sold for a few billi’ (few billi’), If I sell my masters I need a trilli’ (needa trilli’)
It was go get it, now it’s gimme (run it), and we ain’t relyin’ on no stimmies

“Judas and the Black Messiah” is a 2021 American biographical drama film about the betrayal of Fred Hampton (played by Daniel Kaluuya), chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party in late-1960s Chicago, at the hands of William O’Neal (played by Lakeith Stanfield), an FBI informant. Jesse Plemons, Dominique Fishback, Ashton Sanders, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Lil Rel Howery, Algee Smith, Dominique Thorne, and Martin Sheen also star. The film is directed and produced by Shaka King, who wrote the screenplay with Will Berson, based on a story by the pair and Kenny and Keith Lucas.

“Judas and the Black Messiah” premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on February 1, 2021, and was released in the United States by Warner Bros. Pictures on February 12, simultaneously in theaters and digitally on HBO Max. An accompanying 22-track music album titled Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album came out on the day of the film’s digital release, with songs from many prominent rappers, such as Jay-Z, ASAP Rocky and Nas, as well as a posthumous appearance by Nipsey Hussle.