«Shoot My Shot» – IDK, Offset

Aye, 24/7 I’m a real one, I ain’t got no money problems, I ain’t got no children,
Dodging baby momma drama, oops thats a close one, *ss like a horse but her face like she wholesum
Whole food shoppin and she work out everyday you know them nudes poppin
Stomach on apple cider vinegar she do something to me, good sex got you thinking me and you something
Thought it was, aye thought it was, thought it was, four five’s, two ten’s, that’s a dub, that’s a dub
Say she just graduated, I’m in love, I’m in love, say she like to do the lounge, she don’t f*ck with the clubs
My type, my type, yeah yeah my type, like Biggie if the head right, I’m there all night
Like Yeezy when I see it imma hit it on sight, like Kendrick Lamar we got be al-

When I used to shoot my shot, you a matrix, now you reappear but I hate tricks
Look, nobody likes a fake h*e, b*tch love who I am and not my bankroll
But, I’m up so that is not realistic, shoot my shot then I check the ballistics
Shoot my shot then I’m on to the next one, shoot my shot no stress when I’m sexing

Shoot my shot Steph Curry it’s a swish, Gucci and Dior you come explore the way I live
Bottega for baddies,put the chrome heart on your drip, add up mathematics it’s like magic the way it flip
Look at the tone (oo she grown), brown skin just like the Patek on my arm
Bouncing you get allowance, icy charm (bouncin), fountain I make it rain like thunderstorm (splash)
Private flights and private nights nobody knowing, told her she was f*cking with the one they was snoring
Sleeping on me woke em up alarm (wake up), Niggas hating, I don’t even know like how u doing (hi)
Before I got this rich I wasn’t sh*t my life was ruined, driving in my coupe today
My windows tinted eat the plate, eat the plate like Anne Mae, threw it and she did the bait
Million dollar n*gga, put one million in lil Kody safe, address in the coldest way, backdoor I just stole a base

These h*es don’t respect my grind, she calling rain checks don’t respect my time
Calling rainchecks cause she know she a dime, I make that b tch bounce, I’m Bank of America
I got Sydney and Erica, I got Stacy in Maryland, I got plenty of hoes don’t make me make no comparison
I should embarrass these hoes, but Imma calm back down, got the Maybach ask her how she got act now

“SHOOT MY SHOT” out now