«All I Know So Far» – P!nk

I haven’t always been this way, I wasn’t born a renegade,
I felt alone still feel afraid, I stumble through it anyway,
I wish someone would’ve told me that this life is ours to choose,
No one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules, the little that I know I’ll tell to you
When they dress you up in lies and you’re left naked with the truth

You throw your head back, and you spit in the wind, let the walls crack
Cause it lets the light in, let ‘em drag you through hell, they can’t tell you to change who you are
And when the storms out, you run in the rain, put your sword down
Dive right into the pain, stay unfiltered and loud, you be proud of that skin full of scars
That’s all I know so far, that’s all I know so far

You might give yourself away, pay full price for each mistake
But when the candy coating hides the razor blade, you can cut yourself loose and use that rage
I wish someone would’ve told me that this darkness comes and goes People will pretend but baby girl nobody knows
And even I can’t teach you how to fly, but I can show you how to live like your life is on the line

I will be with you ‘til the world blows up, yes, up and down and through ‘til the world blows up, yeah
When it’s right or it’s all fucked up, til the world blows up, til the world blows up
And we will be enough, and until the world blows up

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