«Hail to the Victor» – Thirty Seconds To Mars

Another life, another love, another kill, another drug,
Another touch, another taste, oh, oh, oh,
Another night, another war, another “what are we fighting for?”
A lot of lust a bit of pain, oh, oh, oh

Is everybody out here crazy? Anybody want a war, war?
Everybody out here crazy, crazy, hail to the victor, hail to the victor

Another dusk, another dawn, another game, another god
Another day to buy your fate, oh, oh, oh
Took a left to right a wrong, another battle in Babylon
Out of luck but full of faith, oh, oh, oh

I swear on heaven and hell, this is my revenge
Thank God, I’m high up above, this is not the end
My friend, it’s not the end, my friend, it’s not the end
My friend, it’s not the end, my friend, it’s not the end
Hail to the victor, hail to the victor

Listen to “HAIL TO THE VICTOR” from the album “AMERICA”

Jared & Shannon:

“We set out to document the spirit, the unity and the absolute insane energy of our live concerts with a special focus on our amazing audience and how much they impact our shows.

For many of us, live concerts aren’t just a fun experience, they are a way of life. And editing this over the last year during covid was a powerful reminder. It made the experience of looking back at our own tour even more impactful. It also gave us immense gratitude, hope and excitement – that bands, artists, venues, crews, and audiences will soon return to stages across the globe bringing live shows roaring back to life.

This is a love letter to our big, beautiful, crazy family around the world who shared this incredible adventure across the globe with us. To all the contributors, artists, performers and friends – we miss you and we can’t wait to see you back on the road. All of the dancers, performers and contributors in front of the camera are amazing people who were spontaneously invited on stage and became a part of our show. We couldn’t do it without you guys.

Thank you so much. Here’s to the future.”

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