«I Won» – Ty Dolla $ign, Jack Harlow & 24kGoldn / F9 – The Fast Saga

Medals round my neck because I won, I won, now my momma set ‘cause I won, I won,
Out here making bands, do what I want, Dee with the phone, I get what I want,
Skrt I had em wheels off the 101, she just wanna chill on some 1 on 1
I just hit the gas, bitch I’m gone, I’m gone, I might do the dash on ‘em, just because
Medals round my neck because I won
[Verse 1 – Jack Harlow]
And I’m not gon stop winnin and I’m not gon stop spendin’
Lifestyle I’m locked in it, ten week I been top tennin’
She need me like oxygen, felt the same til I got finished
Big rings with them rocks in it, when I pop one I’m like Popeye when he got spinach
I’m clean cut wit a pop image but it’s demons that I’m locked in with
Take a flight and switch continents, my old whip ain’t have an aux in it
New whip I just hit a button then suddenly there’s no top in it, but I still get plenty in it
Then I give her that Jimi Hendrix, Lusted over by plenty women
Say I look just like Diggy Simmons, Fresh Prince I get Jiggy wit it
Lotta hits it’s never any misses, Dizzy Whizz I’m in the city wit it, on top…any minute
[Verse 2: 24kGoldn]
Pulled up in that full truck, made it drop down like her skrt skrt
Lames talking that bullshit, well that bullshit ain’t gon’ work, work
New crib got a good view, bring the hood through what i could do
Lil baby she know that I’m worth it, can’t tell me that I don’t deserve
Billion bucks if you want this deluxe, Baby I feel expensive, okay
Yeah I came from the cut and I ran that shit up Just to spend it and splurge it with the gang
Watch me not give a f*ck, cause it’s up and it’s stuck, Baby I’m never going away
Feel like AI when I hit the stage, I aint practice but i came to play

«I Won» – Ty Dolla $ign, Jack Harlow & 24kGoldnbm, video:

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