«What A Life» – Big Sean, Hit-Boy

Only get one life, swear I almost died twice,
I went triple platinum more than three times, what a life, man,
Feel like God when they bless me with the trick dice,
And I left her ass on read, even though it was enticin’
I ain’t married yet so it’s rocky on my right hand,
And I’m on stage by myself, ain’t with the hype man,
Go ahead then, tell me what your price is,
Mine’s is a hundred Bs, nigga, you can’t swipe this

Lost my appetite the way you bitches be bitin’
I’m off no sleep, day shit, plus the night shift
Ho, quit askin’ when I’m free, I’m always priceless
I ain’t really rockin’ with you, I ain’t on that mic shit
Rock with you, man, fuck, I’m goin’ right in
I ain’t waitin’ around, fuck all that, I’m goin’ right in (Right)
I ain’t really rockin’ with the type of shit you typin’
That little shit you flexin’ ain’t nothin’ when you got it
If you can fit it in yo’ pocket, just stop it
If I lift it to my ear, just know that’s really some light shit (Light)
That’s just how I’m rockin’, I can’t wait, I’m goin’ right in
Jumpin’ out the woo, I can’t wait on you, I’m ridin’

That’s the mentality
Stack the fatalities, pick up more gradually
For-realers fans that got a tat’ of me
My brother Jay LeRawls got an academy
This shit is not a game, nigga, fuck you mean?
I’m at the point where a nigga finally famous
Give a fuck about no fame (Fame)
Ask me where my LLC is, it’s on my chain
If I die today, just know I live up to my-
Man, niggas call me “Big” like that shit really my name
You know how I’m comin’, I ain’t even gotta explain
In the best shape of my life, she at the crib, she gettin’ trained
Goin’-goin’ ‘gainst me is worse than goin’ ‘gainst the grain
At the frontline, give a fuck about no pain
Nah, for real, could fill a gallery up with a mind frame
Nigga comin’ how I came
I’m done waitin’ around, bitch I’m goin’ right in
Yeah I’m goin’ right in, that’s just how my life is

I’m at Ford Field like a tight-end
And I’m makin’ sure all my loose ends tied and
I’m in love with the hustle so it’s never tied-ins
I ain’t seen her ass in years, she just let me right in
Swerve, swerve, yeah
This shit off the dome, this shit off the dome, I’m goin’ right in
I ain’t even write it, but this shit been already written

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What a life is the best song out rn @bigsean

I went triple platinum more than 3x What A Life

65,000 killer bees 🐝 the homie
Is insane @bigsean “What A Life” video out rn!!!


WHAT A LIFE OUT NOW! Video out now!!!
In the song I said 100 B’s, but it was really 65,000 🐝’s on me. this not photoshopped neither. I HAD 65,000 Bee’s on me… love to the 🐝 hive. I just ain’t want y’all to think it was some damn effects or some shit 😂