«Green Juice» – A$AP Ferg ft. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes

Top down, Zonda scream, hallelujah, I’m the king, I’m the ruler,
Got Pharrell up in Harlem, Chillin’ on the crate with a block of shooters,
Beach chair on the block, watch the cops, Gotta keep the Glock in cooler,
Flip phone shorty in the corner store, Pull a black car out the mink velour,
Tiffany stones all in my jaw, Tank in the crib with fish from Jaws,
I’m liftin’ off, get so high I could kiss the Lord
Don Corleone, I been a boss, In a Maybach with the ceilin’ off

Shells hangin’ out the vintage Porsche, New crib like a synagogue
Chew all these rappers up for free, Never ask how much the dinner cost
Renell sip Hen’, she gettin’ sauced, And wanna make on the tennis court
You wonder why they call me lord? You pussy-ass niggas, I invented y’all
I run the game, I set the bar, Fuckin’ shit up like a wreckin’ ball
Adidas deal with the three stripes, Sit back and watch the check evolve

[Chorus: Pharell Williams & A$AP Ferg]
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
You cannot make this shit if you’re a fraud
They do not make nothin’ like this no more
‘Cause we got the caterpillar chains and the butterfly doors
Flappin’ platinum, but still we soar (Ah)
Strappin’, strappin’, finna go to a war (Ah)
Zoom, zoom, imagine tappin’ into your core (Ah)

[Outro: Pharrell Williams]
Learnin’ the past and the present’s yours, Your most valuable possession, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ferg – “Green Juice” featuring Pharrell Produced by The Neptunes Out Now


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