«Overpass Graffiti» – Ed Sheeran

This is a dark parade, another rough patch to rain on, to rain on,
I know your friends may say, this is a cause for celebration, hip-hip-hooray, love,
Photographs in sepia tones, It’s so still, the fire’s barely fighting the cold, alone,
There are times when I can feel your ghost, just when I’m almost letting you go
The cards were stacked against us both

I will always love you for what it’s worth
We’ll never fade like graffiti on the overpass
And I know time may change the way you think of us
But I’ll remember the way we were, you were the first full stop
Love that will never leave
Baby, you will never be lost on me

This is a goddamn shame, I never wanted to break it, or leave us tainted
Know I should walk away, but I just can’t replace us, or even erase us
The car was stuck, the engine stalled, and both of us got caught out in the snow, alone
There were times when I forget the lows, and think the highs were all that we’d ever known
The cards were stacked against us both

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Tracklisting: 01 . Overpass Graffiti | 02 . Shivers | 03 . Bad Habits | 04 . First Times | 05 . Tides | 06 . The Joker And The Queen | 07 . Leave Your Life | 08 . Collide | 09 . 2step | 10 . Stop The Rain | 11 . Love In Slow Motion | 12 . Visiting Hours | 13 . Sandman | 14 . Be Right Now

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