«Escape Plan / Mafia» – Travis Scott

12 figure estate plan, that was the escape plan,
But hate investigating, that shit was a waste, man,
But wait, I stopped the facing ’cause shit just start erasing,
But wait, it opened gates and this shit just start parading, olé (let’s go)
We out the basement, on one floor where it’s vacant
She feeling anxious to be out where it’s dangerous, okay (it’s lit)
Love all the chains and especially how I bang it, okay
Jamaican-Spanglish, she mixed up in her language, hey bae (yeah)

That WAP need draining, just have it if you singing, okay (uh)
Fuck that Birkin, she just need some encouragement (uh)
Fix that attitude, she think she need a surgeon, okay
And show some gratitude, I put you in that altitude, okay
They stunt like Mannis do, I put you in that magnitude, oh, hey (yeah)
I embrace the pussy, I’m not tryna embarrass you (straight up)
Okay, I got a lavish crew, me, Chase the rocker the day did you (woo, woo)
Business trapper, I’m not a rapper, a lot I do, a lot at you
I filmed, directed, Helter Skelter, off the seltzer like it’s juice (let’s go, yeah)

Niggas dying for the chain around my neck, that’s Life Alert (ooh)
I be trying not to go back in my ways, I can’t revert (ooh)
The Excursion, I’m seven seas, I drop her off at Turks (yeah)
If it’s static, then I’m having 50, drop ’em off at church
Up early rolling up a Benny, she just wanna taste the candy (yeah, yeah)
Prolly soaking up her panties, nasty when she off the- (woo, woo)
Bust a move, I’m Marco Angie, I just went and bought a planet
Nah, that shit was never planted (yeah)

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