«One Right Now» – Post Malone & The Weeknd

You say you love me but I don’t care,
That I broke my hand on the same wall that you told me that he f*cked you on,
You think it’s so easy, f*ckin’ with my feelings,
I got one comin’ over and one right now, one right now.

Said you wanna have my babies, I f*cked you so good, you should pay me
Don’t call me baby, when you did me so wrong
But I got over what you did already, body for a body I’m so petty
How many of your friends fit in my Rolls, bought you a new face
You should call me Dad baby, Hermes, but you dropped the bag baby
Truth is, maybe one’s just not enough

You’re a stain on my legacy, we can’t be friends, can’t be family
You probably f*ck all my enemies, I can’t let you be next to me oh
You belong to the world now, so just leave me alone now
We’re not in touch no more..

Official music video for Post Malone and The Weeknd’s single “One Right Now” – available everywhere