«Mud Mouth» / an incredible story from Yelawolf

MUD MOUTH, labeled as “The Catfish Billy Project” which referring to Yelawolf’s alter ego, is his 7th studio album produced by Jim Jonsin and recorded in Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Along with Jim Jonsin, the executive producer, DJ Paul appeared as producer, Mike Hartnett covers the guitars and bass, and Peter Keys did the piano and synthesizer staffs off the albums’ production. The album was written and produced in early 2020 during the general quarantine of COVID and released in April 30, 2021, by Slumerican Records. In this album, we see Yelawolf’s return to his unique styles and combinations of rock with rap In addition to flexing his singing talent on choruses. The songs have a great variety in content and composition style which makes listening to them enjoyable. The 14-track album contains two features from Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings.


14 videos in 5 days .. literally one of the craziest things I’ve ever attempted to do .. some how we pulled it off last week. After nearly falling to my death during one of the stunts last Thursday .. I managed to push through Friday to wrap the last four videos around 3 A.M .. then got up around 9 am Saturday and drove about 8 hours to Lansing Michigan for a show that night with @jellyroll615 @whatrmr and @djpaulkom … after the show I drove half way back home .. fuckin gettinit !! all these videos are for Mud Mouth .. and we’ll be dropping them one a day for two weeks straight directed by @patricktohill !

While I set out to shoot the first 4 videos for Sometimes Y this month in Vegas with @spideysmith and @shooterjennings I wanted to make sure we dropped a line for the fans .. cause we’re fuckin non stop .. but it’s all thanks to you and the inspiration you all give me … I may have taken a break off socials for a while .. but as far as breaks on art goes … I got none .. love you all .. KEEP ROCKIN !!!!

Today we will be releasing one MUDMOUTH video a day for 14 days straight !!! In chronological order of the album … starting at 6pm CST.. on top of that .. we’re releasing these limited copies of Vinyl and Cassette tape .. the Vinyl features a hand painted alternate cover that we decided to print on authentic Blotter Paper .. and slide it in as a bonus piece of art / keepsake.
I love this album personally .. it’s some what of a ride through the styles I’ve played with over my career. And not all projects deserve a vinyl press in my opinion .. but this one we felt absolutely did.
Enjoy the videos , grab the vinyl , tapes .. and go on your own trip !! .. and yes the MUDMOUTH movie is still on the way !! Blotter Art / Alternate cover by @fernandotravis
Mudmouth Cover – @howdyall & @jholmes___

Day 2 .. at 6 PM CST, the video for “OH NO“ drops !!! track two on MUDMOUTH … to pull these videos off was madness .. rotating sets , shooting 2 videos and even up to four a day .. Patrick and his team showed out on every set .. enjoy !!!

Day 3 .. video for track 3 on MUDMOUTH .. “BOUNCE“ dropping at 6pm CST!! turn me on and turn me loose .. painting used to be my life .. it’s actually how I met my manager @edward.crowe when we were like 13 or so .. we became friends tagging Antioch tunnels … this song and this video .. all for sake of having fun .. making art .. and fucking shit up !!! try and keep that kid in you alive as long as possible .. Enjoy !!! #Slumerican 

Day 4 and the video for the 4th track on MUDMOUTH “Conoco” dropping at 6pm CST!! I was a terrible drug dealer .. but I was an expert assistant , clerk , receptionist , and I could keep a floor mopped !! This one’s for the slutty Alabama gas station pimp PineStraw Jenkins !!

Day 5 .. track 5 “ DOPE “ off MUDMOUTH .. video dropping at 6pm !! Coming up being Dope was the law .. And for all the bullshit that went down at home and away from home when I was searching , finding myself .. I’m forever thankful for the creative juice it gave me .. it taught me to dig deep in my writing .. literally thousands of verses stacked in mead notebooks to my waist that were just simply practice .. The bars of soap represent the punishment , reprimanding , disbelief and pure hatred from my surroundings .. but they created a monster .. it gave me the heart , drive and the ambition to become whatever I wanted to be .. art will always be my great escape .. but what can I say … Im a fuckin potty mouth … can I get a FUCK YOU YELAWOLF ?!! enjoy !!

Day 6 .. track 6 on MUDMOUTH “ rocks at your window “ video drops at 6pm CST.. loosing my brother changed me .. I know many of you out there can relate .. it took me years to even speak about it in a record … but melody has a way pulling things out of you .. and this melody was for my brother .. just remember there’s a way out of depression and loss .. stay focused .. the ones you lost wouldn’t want you to live broken hearted .. but grieving is therapeutic .. so let it out and celebrate the memories ..

Day 7 .. track 7 on MUDMOUTH “ HillBilly Einstein “ video dropping at 6pm CST!!! I was 30 years old when I signed to Shady .. I snagged a hand written demo tape of Marshall’s out of an office in New York when I was 20 and I stashed it … 10 years later when I met with Marshall at a studio in L.A to hear my new album … I put that demo tape back in his hands just like I said I would … Big dreams come with big sacrifices .. and if your willing to give up literally everything to get there .. you’ll wake up one day surrounded by manifestations of the very dreams that everyone thought you were crazy for believing in .. the doors wide open .. GO GET IT !!! #SLUMERICAN

Day 8 .. Track 8 “MONEY“ featuring my family @iamstruggle and @jellyroll615 video dropping at 6pm CST!! .. not all features have a great story .. sometimes you just find yourself in a room with an artist and a song happens .. with Struggle and Jelly though ? .. there is in fact a story .. a story of neighborhoods , friendship , hardships and triumph .. Both of them have pushed themselves to the brink of breaking in this game and continue to do so to this day .. that’s just the way we’re made .. so when it comes down to whom I’d take with me to a bank heist ?!! I say Fuck the money !! … I’d do it just for fun with these two !! #SLUMERICAN

Day 9 .. track 9 “ losers win again “ video drops at 6pm CST!!! .. with outsiders in general .. that’s where I’m most comfortable .. some of the greatest people can be found in the trenches … and because I come from that … I’m always searching there for inspiration .. I know this is a short song .. but I felt like I said all I need to say .. special thanks to my very good friend Wes @yelawolverine for opening this record with me .. there was literally no one better to do this one with .. love

Day 10 .. Track 10 “Dog House“ off the MUDMOUTH album .. video dropping at 6 PM CST!! .. just me , my dog and a bottle of @creekwaterwhiskey .. lickin’ my wounds after loosing another fight .. we love hard , we fight hard .. we drink hard .. get hit with a hangover and knock the dust off by noon .. but nothing will ever hit you harder than the truth !! enjoy !!

Day 11 .. track 11 “Homeward Bound“ off the MUDMOUTH album .. video drops at 6pm CST!! I’ve broke on through to the other side many times .. it’s been good and it’s been bad .. I wouldn’t wish some of my bad trips on my worst enemy’s .. but then again I’d wish some of my good trips for the entire world .. I know there’s a “ hallucinogenic movement “ going on right now .. and a lot of folks are waking up .. and or being healed with mushrooms , micro dosing etc .. and that’s all good .. but never take your hands off the wheel completely .. do your research and know your mushrooms … cause you’ll find out in sometimes a really harsh and scary way .. that the mushrooms know you better than you know your self .. with that said .. don’t do drugs and stay in school !!! Or don’t do school and stay in drugs .. what do I know ..

Day 12 .. track 12 “Aqua Net“ off the MUDMOUTH album .. video drops at 6pm CST!! what’chall know about AquaNet ?!! … AquaNet , jelly slippers , crimps and a swatch watch !! .. I’ve turned a few literal stories into songs .. sometimes I exaggerate and sometimes it’s just the blunt truth .. I think part of the blessing of being an artist is dealing with the shit you experienced head on .. it ain’t all pretty but ironically it’ll sometimes turn into a pretty good song .. this record was inspired by my Mamma and her crazy ass friends .. and also the local dope girls of Antioch TN in the mid 80’s .. enjoy !! 

Day 13 .. track 13 “ HOT “ off the MUDMOUTH album .. video dropping at 6pm CST!!! .. who’s doing what and why ?!! And Who gives a shit ?! .. that’s exactly the freedom of writing verses for the sake of word play .. making this album was like peering into all the windows of a house I built .. and in this room .. madness is legal and anything goes .. snap for the sake of snapping .. turn me on and turn me loose ..  rab rof rab m’i gniknis spihs revo ereh .. os fi ruoy tuob ti dna uoy leef yggorf neht pmuj !! yojne !! NACIREMULS !!

Day 14 .. track 14 “Mud Mouth“ the title track and closer on the MUDMOUTH album .. video drops at 6 pm CST!! .. I’ve hit as many sides on this album as I could to span my career thus far .. be it literally in verses or tipping the hat musically .. themed and based on an LSD trip .. and the life and death of a journey .. And although I’ve left bread crumbs over the years for fans to get hints about where I was going .. where I’m at however .. or even where I dreamed to be now is much different than I anticipated .. all I can say with absolute certainty about the future .. is … I FUCKIN TOLD YOU SO !!! haha .. love you all and thank you .. it’s been a hell of a ride so far .. I’ll leave the keys in the box Chevy for ya !! see y’all in February !!!