«Burn» – Juice WRLD

I can’t take one Percocet, start tonight off, I just took a 60,
Burberry on me, shoot you in your back, you just got Pretty Ricky,
I tie the Chanel runners, then I get back to running the city
And I know that it’s hell coming, I ain’t worried, my niggas, they with me
Gotta put the narcotics down, I can feel ’em fucking up my kidney
And punching my liver, If I let it kill me, my mama’ll never forgive me
Ain’t numbing my feelings, if I let it kill ’em, my baby will never forgive me
This remind me of hell, sometimes I wonder if that’s where God really sent me

Hands up in the fire, burn, burn, burn, burn
Pray to God for some water to wash down these Percs
I been cursed since birth, guess I never learn

The truth hurts, let it bleed out, if they hurt you, let ’em leave, my heart hurtin’, let me bleed out, only way I’ll find peace
I’m tryna get set free, but these chains on me, choke me, I can’t breathe, what’s reality?
Uh, detached from myself, Uh-huh, numb the pain with my wealth
Uh, a bag from Chanel match the double C on my belt, uh
Bands in my pants, I barely be holdin’ my pants up
But the money ain’t the answer, I’m just tryna reach some new highs
Mix this with that, bet it feel nice, Codeine, only sip if I got ice
Look my girl in her eyes, tell her I won’t die, I fell asleep too deep that one time
Woke up to your cry, girl, I’m fine, but I lied, had a dream, I wasn’t gon’ wake up this time

Juice WRLD “Fighting Demons” is available now

Fighting Demons is the fourth studio album and second posthumous album from Chicago native Juice WRLD. It was released on December 10, 2021. The album serves as the follow-up to Juice’s July 2020 album, Legends Never Die. Following several announcements, updates, and even a pre-save link, the album was postponed and repurposed to serve as the soundtrack of Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss, a documentary from HBO centering around Juice WRLD’s life and career before his death in December 2019.