«Tears In The Club» – FKA twigs feat. The Weeknd

I wanna get you out of
My hips, my thighs, my hair, my eyes, my late-night cries
I wanna take my clothes off, wanna touch
My hips, my thighs, my hair, not yours, all mine, yeah
Wanna dance you out of my, gotta dance you out of
My hips, my thighs, my wrongs, my rights, yeah
Listen to the rhythm and make no compromise
‘Cause you hurt me

I don’t wanna believe that I belong to you
I move myself in ways that you could never do
I want you more, I want you more, I, I

Tears in the club, ‘Causе your love’s got me fucked up
Tеars in the club, I’ma drown in the beat now

(Tears in the, tears in the club) Ayy, I love and want your body
I’ll never leave you now (Tears in the, tears in the club)
Ayy-ayy, I love and want your body I’ll never leave you now

When my song come on
Give you chills, get you cryin’ in the club, babe
So many tears ’cause you try to fight the love, babe
You move your body to the synths and the drums, babe
You move your body ’til the rise of the sun
Just go with the motions, baby
Girl, you should go with the motions
Oh, unload your emotions, baby
You’ve been suppressin’ emotions
Oh, there’s no, no escapin’ me, yeah
Let it out like therapy
There’s no, no escapin’ me
With your girls at the club, on the road, on the radio

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thanks for allll the love for tears in the club, ily 💕

tears in the club ft @theweeknd out now! full video on my @youtube 💕💕💕💕💕💕

listen yeh i’m being mad serious i’m not playing around
y’all gonna get what u’ve been wanting from me for bare time
there are levels to this game
and i am levelling up to MY best self, cause my best healthy self is my competition always

thank you to everyone who has been there from
the start
those who been eating off my
artistry for time
i see u with grace
thank you for pushing me to go harder and good luck in all u do
here is some sweet sweet candy for u 😉
new comers welcome 🌱
i’ve clawed my way out of the darkest place and have pushed hard to find my
capri sun
those who feel me
i do this for YOU 💕
to change cultural dna
so with that said
tears in the club
out tonight midnight gmt / 7pm et

this is just the beginning