«Amazing» – Mary J. Blige feat. DJ Khaled

It’s so hard to fake when everything I do is real
Money and a doggie bag, I ain’t missin’ no meals
Don’t move on me wrong, I need to save my energy
Everybody family leave it to the industry
Cut out all of that noise, we ain’t talkin’ that way
We ain’t movin’ like that, no way, no way
Cut out all that noise, only positive vibes
I don’t it pay no mind, I don’t pay it no mind (No mind)

Every day like my birthday, bring the cake in
Bring the cake in, bring the cake in
I feel good, I feel great, man, I feel amazing
Man, I feel amazing, man, I feel amazing
Every day cеlebrate, not just on occasion
On occasion, not just on occasion
I feel good, I feel great, man, I feel amazing
Feel amazing, man, I feel amazing

My crib is so big I tеll the guests to use a map
He wanna play house, I ask him, “Where’s the fun in that?” (Let’s go)
Seein’ all these blessings, man, I think I pray too much
Lately, I been feeling like I turn up way too much

Where the drink? Where the drink? Sun got us all day. Raise the glasses up, party, party
Man, it’s really goin’ down. Make your way to the crowd. Right now, right now Right now, right now

I feel too wavy, you can’t save me. I meditate on the daily to keep sane
I mean, I’m goin’ out my mind, I’m goin’ crazy. I think it might be my season, I’m elevated, ayy

Pick up everybody in the dance right now. If you feelin’ amazin’ like we feelin’ amazing right now
Put your lighters up. Lights up, lighters up, let’s go

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