«Come For Me (Unlocked)» – Alicia Keys ft. Khalid, Lucky Daye

Look me in my eye, know you know the vibe
In you I confide, something I can’t hide
Tell me what it’s worth, I put in the work
You know I’m the one that you prefer, but you hit a nerve

Yeah, look me in my face, tell me what’s the case, It’s all in my head, everything you say
Are you good now? Are you staying ’round? I just wanna know what that’s about

Is it too much to need someone to come for me? Just need someone to run to me
I need someone to come for mе, and that’ll be enough for me

Why you bring mе up (Why?), just to bring me down? Yeah, you bring me up
Just to bring me down, why you bring me up, just to bring me down?
Yeah, you bring me up, just to bring me down

Loving you out loud, there will be no doubt, gotta love me loud
Let it drive you wild (Please tell me) It’s the pretty brown, brown
Make me feel a way, make me proud, proud, every word you say to me
In the end I gotta say a prayer for ya, after all you know that I’ll be there for ya
I wish I could show you how I care for ya, for ya

KEYS – the new album available now


I haven’t stopped vibing to this SINCE we recorded it @iamluckydaye@thegr8khalid 💯 💯 💯

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