«25 million / Live life fast» – Roddy Ricch

I got a fifty on me, but I told her I keep it a hundred
Since I was a lil’ nigga, I just vowed to go get me some money
Since I made up twenty-five million on one of them days
Now these niggas bitin’ my wave. I got fatigue on my body, don’t ride Maserati
It’s ‘Rari, I’m going outer space, I remember days, weren’t no misses
Hoppin’ them fences, runnin’ from jakes, I got bulletproofs on all the Cadillacs
A nigga slide through like I’m Obama, might go in the Saint Laurent store, Louis Vuitton don
I’ma fuck up some commas, I was in the back, eating jambalya, Hop out the PJ straight in my pajamas

Ayy, we got it popping, I’m straight out the city, my nigga, but they never knew
When I was on the county line, I ain’t suit up yellow, I was in the blues
What your pops make for half the year, I spend that shit on my shoes
Ayy, I go from country to country and city to city, I know how to move
I’m outside, they can’t ignore me, we got the locals treating us like royalty
I done spent five thousand on some Jordans, you lil’ niggas can’t keep up with the score
Cashed out on a Jesus piece ’cause you know what it mean to me
Went to pull up at Sunday service in Bugattis, I call up Yeezy, I got new holy water
I can’t fuck with the bitch, I caught on to that shit, she want me to buy it
And the love get scarcer when you climbing the ladder, going higher and higher
I thank God every day ’cause He cut all the snakes and gave me my desires
All you old niggas hating, sitting back, waiting, hoping I retire

Gotta get a haircut for the PJ, I could show you how the fuck we do this shit
You know it’s all in the game like it’s EA, have her gobbling dick before the plane land
Put her mouth on mile high mode, couldn’t let the flight attendants through the doors
Had to get a towel out the bathroom ’cause I seen the snot coming out her nose
We went to Hawaii to change the climate, she had a lil’ buddy to wind it, wind it
She said, “Roddy, come fuck me inside of your diamonds,” put my emerald cuts on, then I got behind it
Hopping islands just to change my environment, we plotting on ‘Raris, started in Dodges
I like four hands on me when I get my massages, I call her lil’ Nicki ’cause she give me ménages

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