Ameca – The Future Face Of Robotics

Ameca is the world’s most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology. Designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies, Ameca is the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction. UK-based Engineered Arts introduced their advanced humanoid robot platform Ameca. Featuring the company’s robot operating system Tritium and modular hardware & software, Ameca is made for the test of AI and machine learning systems.

A platform of the future – AI x AB

Human-like artificial intelligence needs a human-like artificial body (AI x AB). Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can be tested and developed on Ameca alongside our powerful Tritium robot operating system. The Ameca hardware is a development based on own research into humanoid robotics and built on advanced Mesmer technology.

Show off

Reliability is key, and all robots are built to last in action in the real world, not just in the lab. The modular architecture allows for future upgrades, both physically and software to enhance Ameca’s abilities, all without having to fork out for an entire new robot. Ameca is available for purchase or event rental.