Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2022 – 哈尔滨国际冰雪节

Harbin Ice Festival is the world’s longest festival of ice and snow. The ice festival was originally planed to last for a month, but actually the ceremony, snow and ice show, and winter activities begins from December and end at the next February. During the festival, local people celebrate it along with four important traditiional Chinese winter festivals including New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and Skiing Festival. There are three main venues used for the Ice and Snow Festival. Each site has its own features, offering different landscape as well as activities. Quick Jump to:

  • Harbin Ice and Snow World – A Colorful Ice Disneyland
  • Sun Island – Fantastic Snow Sculpture Art Exhibitions
  • Zhaolin Park – Amazing Harbin Ice Lantern Show

Apart from the main venues above, you can also visit other sites to feel the festive atmosphere of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. Zhongyang Pedestrian Street usually will hold a Zhongyang Street Ice Sculpture Art and Culture Festival, Harbin City Concert Hall will hold the New Year Concert to celebrate the coming of the new year, Songhua River will be the site for a lot of ice sports including the International Winter Swimming Game, etc.

Ice, ice tribute! | Harbin Ice and Snow Festival celebrates ahead of Winter Olympics

Weather & What to Wear during Harbin Ice Festival

Cold-long winter & rainy-short summer is the feature of Harbin. With a 190-day freezing season, the northeastern city of Harbin is known as a “City of Ice” and a cradle of the ice-and-snow culture in the world. The temperature here in winter is much lower than that of the most places in China. It begins to snow from the end of October; it’s the coldest time in Harbin from December to the next March, but it’s also the hottest travel time of the year.

The average temperature in December/January/February is -8 -14°C in the day and -20 -25°C in the night.

Clothing tips: For your Harbin trip from December to February, actually, it’s not very cold to stay inside the house, because there is central heating in the northern China. Shirt with a suit of thermal underwear will be fine. If you go outdoor, thicken or brushed thermal underwear with thicken down jacket will be needed. In northern China, feet are easy to frostbite, so water-proof snow boots with warm-feet paste are recommended. Scarf, gloves and mouth mask are also necessary to protect you from the freezing air. Sunglasses are highly recommended to prevent the glary from the sun on snow.